Camp Hammer

The Celebrate Projects

For fifty years Camp Hammer has been a place full of amazing memories. As we look ahead and dream of ways to continue the ministry here at Camp Hammer we would love for you to share in making some dreams a reality.

While some of the projects have been completed some are still in the midst of being worked on. Camp Hammer is always looking for ways to better serve and improve our guest's and campers' experience. If you would like to donate to any or all of out projects click here.

Redoing the existing field 

 --allowing more ample opportunities to run and play games.

Repaving the roads throughout camp

--from the entrance to the exit of camp. This will allow for easier accessibility to all parts of camp.

Renovating the craft shack

--and fostering a space for creativity expanding this area for our growing high school ministry, weekend retreat groups and fellowship throughout the entire year.