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Essay Questions

Please take time to honestly answer each of the questions completely.

If you worked on staff last summer, please answer ALL of these essay questions and the additional four Returning Staff Questions that follow.

  1. When did you make an independent decision to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior? Please go into some brief detail.
  2. What does, "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." mean to you?
  3. Do you believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life? Please explain your answer.
  4. Where are you currently at in your personal relationship with God?
  5. What is a verse or passage from scripture that has impacted your spiritual journey? Please explain how it has impacted you.
  6. When is the last time you read your Bible for your own personal growth? What does your personal time with God look like?
  7. What church do you currently attend? How are you involved with the fellowship of believers, and why is it important to be connected to people with the same beliefs?
  8. What is your opinion and personal experience with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drug use? If you are currently using, what does that look like, and are you willing to abstain during the entire summer commitment?
  9. What age group do you find you work with most naturally?
  10. What do you believe a young person’s greatest struggle is today?
  11. How would you contribute to the spiritual health of this camp community and the campers who attend?
  12. What is one of your personal strengths and one of your weaknesses? How would this strength benefit the camp community? How would this weakness challenge the camp community?
  13. What characteristics define a good leader, and give you the confidence to follow them?
  14. Why have you decided to apply for the position you are applying for? What is your draw to this specific position, and why are you a good fit for it?
  15. In just two sentences, please describe why we should hire you.

Returning Staff

If you've worked on staff within the past three summers, please answer all of the above questions in addition to the following:

  1. What has God been teaching you since your time at camp ended?
  2. What was your biggest challenge last summer and how will you face that challenge if it arises again?
  3. What is a favorable quality about yourself that should be considered that sets you apart from other returning staff applicants?
  4. What is an area you would like to grow in if you are hired for this coming summer?

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