Camp Hammer

Retreat Pricing

Per Person Retreat Rates

Prices below are estimates based on a minimum of 65 guests for 2019 retreats.

Number of Nights & Meals Per Person Rate
2 nights & 5 meals $136.00/137.00    
2 nights & 6 meals $148.00    
3 nights & 8 meals $195.00    

Check out upcoming weekends for availability.


Our pricing above is for groups with a minimum of 65 full time guests. On Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends, the minimum is 100 full time guests. If you would like to schedule a retreat for a group of fewer than 65 people, please call us at 831-338-3200 x10 to discuss ways we can make that possible.


Guests who stay for one night and three meals or less will be considered part-time. The part-time fee is $83.00. Any length of stay beyond this will be charged the full-time rate. Consideration is not given for meals not eaten by a full-time guest.

Day Use

Day use fees ($24.00) include the use of DK Hall, main restrooms, the pool, recreational facilities and the lounge. Excluded in the day use fee is access to the cabins and dining hall, unless your group has contracted specific meals.

Other Requests

Please call us at 831-338-3200 x10, to ask about single day use, part-time use, specific meal requests or any other topic that might come up as you plan your group's retreat. We hope to hear from you soon!